Director's Report

Date: 12/08/2019

Your Name:

Chapter Name:

Chapter Meeting Date:

Was the Meeting Agenda followed (nothing left out)?

Was the Visitor Orientation Script used during Visitor Orientation?

Was the Visitor Table set up properly?

What did you present on at this meeting?

Is there a presentation we should do as a follow-up to this presentation?

Was your presentation an Education Moment or Speaker Spot?

What are the challenges, wins or other things you want us to know about this chapter?

Chapter Health Status:
1. Re-start: This chapter will have been guided through a re-start program (or at least offered this assistance).
Despite the Director Consultant’s best effort, the group fails to increase its numbers over 17 members for a prolonged period oftime.
2. High Risk: This chapter generally will have between 17-23 members, with low morale and low productivity.
The group may only generate 17-23 referrals per month.
Visitors typically do not attend and attendance is usuallypoor.
3. At Risk: This chapter generally has 24-27 members and generates 30-60 referrals per month.
Attendance is often an issue, reports are slow to arrive, and the members seem ill prepared for their weekly meeting.
4. Fit: This chapter generally has 27-32 members and generates 50-125 referrals per month.
The Membership Committee assertively addresses member issues, members are generally prepared and the Leadership Team isdynamic.
5. Healthy: This chapter typically has 33-60+ members and generates 130-150 referrals per month.
The Membership Committee meets regularly to assess member productivity, members appear to compete for the most creative presentations, morale is high, and the level of meeting intensity and dynamics is clearly apparent.